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Cave Man - 1876

The history of mankind started when we found a simple narrative in the cave about how men hunted and women gathered. 1492, when education slightly became a part of society, women spend their day with spin the wool and men starting to sail the ocean blue. In the era of 1930s when America build their very first post office, that is the first time people can send letters each other’s. In 1800s, we could find that mostly people born into jobs on the family farm. At that time the concept of Job Hunt and Career Improvement is still not invented yet. In 1830, America completed their first railroad. Society is getting wider, this is the first time people tried to apply for jobs outside their hometown. Within 50 years, not only faster transportation, Alexander Graham Bell invent telephone in 1876 and now people could talking each other without waiting for an paper reply. Ring! Ring! That’s escalate the process of people to search a job.

World War II - 1989

World War II gives a lot of affect to society, in 1950s, after world settled down post the big war, it was a boom for a white collars job, almost all the people show up again with resume in-hand for office jobs. When people not pay attention with war or battling for territories and power anymore, they lifted their curiosity to technology. As the result in 1969, internet was born, even if it wasn't widely used yet. Following the technology hype, the cell phone officially invented in 1980. This is affected to how people applying job with made the first video resume in VHS. Although, at that time sending tapes still harder than sending paper resume. At the same time, faxes increase from 300,000 to 4 million use a year. Faxes become easier to use for both job seekers and employers. In 1989, World Wide Web. (www) is established, that is the first time people learn to using email and sending their resume.

1999 - Aleksey Vayner

In 1999, the first online job boards created. A matching platform between job offer and job hunting, in this platform employee post a jobs and job hunter post resumes. In 2000 half of the world population using internet, a new trend of job hunter email their resume to the potential employers born. Following 2005 when YouTube was created, job hunting became more convenient and variative with adding a video resume to make the CV stronger. You can search in google the most famous and viral video resume of Aleksey Vayner. The funny video resume of him even published in many big news publication such as The New York Times.

2010 - TODAY

In 2010, 80% of world population using Internet, at that time job hunt activities highly increased and almost all the process moving online. The power of internet getting real and 10 years after that many companies plan to spend 50% more on internet to recruiting. Companies see Social Media as the future of recruiting and 89% of companies use social media in the hiring companies. Today, more than 66% of adults online are on one or more social media platform. The gap between job hunters and companies narrowing thanks to social media. Video resume and online interviews used to improve hiring efficiency, job hunters interview for worldwide job via webcam or any video communication platform. Hiring process personalized sooner and candidates show off skills like charisma, communication and personality through online.

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