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Blind Bright Sleeping Woman

Epilogue: Sharing my writing with the world feels like making peace with a part of my life. Perhaps, a few may relate to my words, and if you're one of them, yes, it might be about you. But no worries, the storm has passed, and I've healed. This piece is my tribute to the time, a profound teacher, and the universe, which always embraces me with its love.

A poem:

Fri, Sep 15 JST 0:55

In the realm of my stoic, I find my delight,

In the soft red of an unrequited night.

For in this one-sided hoop, I savor each emotion,

As the universe weaves its purple devotion.

No need to renaissance, no need to possess,

Just basking in the stake of this lonesome caress.

An unspoken feeling, yet I understood,

A journey of the heart, both bad and good.

Only need two stations to give ache and lights,

offer me a bittersweet longing of a whispered night.

In the realm of one-sided desire, I`ve found my place,

Embracing all the emotion with grace.

For A

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