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IKEA Harajuku is your new spot for hangout. Here is why!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Harajuku is one of several must visit or hangout place in Tokyo. You could experience subculture of Kawaii from Japanese teenagers in Takeshita Street. After that feel the majestic forest in the central city and continuing with spiritual walks in Meiji Jingu just next Yoyogi Park. A little walking, you can find a lot of quality thrifted shop in Omotesando. Harajuku is starter pack of being "Cool Kid" in Tokyo.

My last visit in Harajuku was 2 weeks ago when I want to buy a Omamori (kinda charm or amulet that used to sold in shrine) in Meiji Jingu for some reasons. And thing that make me surprise was, IKEA already open in Harajuku now. You can find IKEA as soon as you getting off from Meiji JIngu Exit of Harajuku Station.

I think I‘m not alone here, same with me, many peoples find comfortable only being inside in the furniture store such as IKEA. And of course IKEA and other furniture stores know about that, and they expand their business not only for sell their furniture but also with make an comfort environment for their customers with many rooms simulation and cute cafe inside their store.

“Feels like home”, or nearly, ”This is my future home” are some of mindsets that IKEA want us to hold after we left their store. And they absolutely became the winner in this capitalism competition. We or I just want to buy all of their products!

Great for them. Not for my purse.

It’s not stopping there, make a classy image for themselves, they starts to put vegan-organic products on their rack. I’m individually started to become plant based food consumer this several years, and find a lot of plant based products or vegan friendly products near you is just a little happiness that makes your heart warm with “I’m glad I’m here” mind.

Lastly, I think their market researcher understand that their customers mostly woman. Or at least kitchen things lover kinda person (Me again of course). My heart just screaming when I found a lot of “things that actually you don’t need but you want it in your kitchen” hanging around everywhere in their store. Like literally almost all their racks have kitchen set.

It is ended up with my awareness that I’m the IKEA fans now!

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