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DIY : Summer Dress to Cute Top


So to make my blog more lively, I wanna put my random activities (hopefully). I got birthday present from my boyfie a Sewing Machine. Actually I asked him to buy me the machine, I just don`t really fit with surprise present, I trying to make my environment as minimalism as I can, so present that I don`t know will have a value with my life or not is a lil bit.. mmm.. happy but, better not.

And back to the sewing machine!! This is my first DIY with my new sewing machine!!!

So I have this cute summer dress since 3-4 years ago maybe. And I don`t think I want to use this kind of dress anymore. And I decided to transform it!

Hi Nanda, the only full dress photo that I can get was with you so.. luv you!

At first I have to decide the final transformation, and it comes up with this design at the beginning.

But it didn`t end well because, honestly, I just learnt sewing maybe only 3-4 months once a week before Covid-19. And after emergency state, my sewing lesson just suddenly stopped and I just learnt the theory thru youtube or google. So, I made a mistake about the sewing sequence and I skipped the sleeve part. lol.

Actually, this DIY wasn`t really difficult and my sewing machine is digital which is really help me to operating it. And this is the final result.

yash, that is the super quick story about my DIY. See you soon!

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