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Certain Guts in Uncertainty Era

Originally posted in my official company blog by me

As an INTJ ( introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging) person I used to take a little bit more longer to make a decision than other people. Basically my decision are based on data, I wouldn't dare to changes my path if there is no exact reason supported by logical information behind them.

But once in a blue moon, my gut turned out to be spot-on, right after the Covid-19 spreading in the world my gut says that my current job wouldn't be as interesting as before anymore. Even if my previous job and position is legit for my future, due to that job has to depending to the tourism, there will be always a risk when global calamity like Covid-19 happens again. The snap decision I made one day to changes my job turned out to be life changing in a best possible way.

Person who is INTP once said:

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." -- Albert Einstein

There I know that I have to treasure my intuitive more, sometimes following your gut is not a bad things as long as you know how to balancing it with strong foundation. As a data driven person, I couldn't help it to make an analysis of anything happened to me. So when I have a strong feeling in my mind and all the thing just "feels right", the rest that I should do is gather the information.

  1. Where is the confidence coming from?

  2. What was the basic of this gut?

  3. Is this something that I want or I need?

  4. What information do I need to make this gut reliable?

  5. What data will help me support this gut before I come to a conclusion?

At that point, I spent my last 5 months in my previous job mostly to browsing about how Covid-19 changes the world and business trend and how will the world possibly changes after Covid-19. At that time, I realized how world is very uncertain paradox, we are human used to control time and future as well as business trend, then global disaster comes, many things became uncertain and something that already built in many years could easily collapse just in the blink time. That reality shocked me to the core.

Putting aside the world problem, I made a list of jobs that possibly will be trend post covid-19 and other list of area that had big impact by Covid-19. Leveraging the data I made, I started to make a mind map of what position that fit best with my self, my personality and my skill. If you read our previous blog about Self Awareness and Career Path, in that article explaining about how self-awareness or understand your self and personality is really important for your career path. At that point, self awareness was really important in my journey to know about myself and using that for analyze and exploring my potential to finding the finest job for me.

Then I find my self good at several skill that related with marketing especially in digital marketing, moreover my bilingual skill drive me to position between Japan and abroad as the connector for any possible business related with inbound and outbound. After several months with searching and analyzing, my keyboard lead me to applied to Nisshin Global Corporation for Assistance Marketing through LinkedIn . In Nisshin Global Corp. as a consultant company, I could leveraging my potential in business marketing, digital marketing, people management and also trading.

Covid-19 makes our place became uncertainty world, but like what Einstein said when you believe your gut and make a proper analysis with that. That intuitive could lead you to the decision in a best possible way. So please trust yourself more and do not stop searching your best path in your career life.

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