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Kie Has Review: Emely in Paris new Netflix’s Original Series, Is This New Type Of Disney Story?

I’m starts to watch Emely in Paris today, like literally 5 hours ago on my office desk. Don’t worry my working time is flexible, as long as all the tasks done, Kie is safe for doing anything on her desk.

Okay, back to Emely in Paris, let’s see what we got here.

1. An American ”Girl” Lady got her dream job as a marketing specialist in Paris, and voila her American culture make her become the public enemy in her new office, at first. Yeah “at first”, they just make us think that she is being bullied in her office that all the illogical lucks that she get to marketing her products and how her Instagram account magically got a looooot (with many O letter there) of followers, bullied in office make her set up looks balance.

2. Emily’s character is charm, the feminist, vocal, and pretty of course. The type that every French guy want to follow her to the toilette. And don‘t forget with about her fashion too. Like great... really really great. She is skinny and looks cute with every fashion she choose, but the show give the reason why she could maintain her body, 5 miles jogging every morning. Well done Netflix you can prove that your heroine is human.

3. The very good things is her perspective, how #selflove, #wellness, #positivity took a big part of this story really stole my heart. I love it when I‘m simply feels good after watch 1 episode. The more episodes I watch (even if her lucks doesn’t make sense at all) the happier I will be. Like.. you know.. after watch all the Disney princess movies, doesn’t make sense but empowering (Ps: I‘m talking about latest Disney Movies, I mean from the Pocahontas Era)

4. An American-chinese best friend. Isn‘t it obvious?? Her best friend is like the 7 dwarts in Snow White or talking coffee cup in Beauty & The Beast. The best friend has a bright characteristic, spent her childhood in China highschool in California and viola she became fully American lol. But what the heroin will be without her cross race best friend.

5. The cute dreamy French Guy as her neighborhood. Averyone know he is the one, he is the prince. But what is story without drama. Let put a really nice and kind girlfriend there and put the heroin as the third person. Woohoo!

So that is my review? Opinion? Words? about Emily in Paris. I know everyone have their own perspective. And I believe it’s not about 0 or 100, but about valuing every numbers, respecting every right and be kind with every difference boxes. Why? Because why not?

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